Do I really need an air conditioner tune-up every year?

As Spring begins to wrap up and Summer quickly approaches, HomeTown Heat and Air enters the start of our busy season. It is also at this time that we encourage San Diego residents to schedule their annual AC preventative maintenance. As we do so though, we are sometimes met with some hesitation. Everyone wants to know “ Do I really need to get my air conditioner tuned up every year?


Our answer is yes.

While we understand the reluctance to spending money on something that is not broken, we cannot stress enough how important it is keep your air conditioner well maintained. Here are the top reasons why you should get an air conditioning tune-up every year: 


Avoid system inefficiencies.

Because San Diego has such beautiful year round weather, it is likely that you are not running your air conditioner until the heat of Summer strikes. During this hibernation period, there is often a buildup of dust and debris and a large enough build up can cause your system to run inefficiently. You may also encounter other problems such as refrigeration leaks and electrical issues that have gone unnoticed during this dormant period. A tune-up ensures that your system is clean and running properly.


Getting an annual AC maintenance will also save you money!

As we already mentioned, failure to maintain your air conditioner results in a buildup of dust and debris, causing your system to have to work harder. When your system works harder, you spend more money. Removing these inefficiencies will result in lower utility bills.

Not only will you save money on utility bills, you are also far less likely to need as many repairs on your cooling system. Your air conditioner is designed to last, but if you do not take proper care of it, the system will not work properly and could result in costly repairs or even the need to replace the entire system.


Keep your warranty intact.

Most people do not realize that in order to maintain your manufacturer's’ warranty, you must complete these annual tune-ups. Failure to do so can result in a voided warranty all together! When things go wrong, make sure you can depend of that warranty.

Save money, stress, time, and your warranty and schedule your annual air conditioning tune-up today!


When you schedule a preventative maintenance, Hometown's team of highly trained technicians will ensure your air conditioner is in tip top shape for the hot Summer months to come.