Why the Ecobee4 smart thermostat is for everyone

The Power of Ecobee4 & Smart Thermostats


Wi-Fi Thermostats are a Must for Everyone

In this high tech era, many consumers chalk up smart wifi thermostats as nothing but a flashy fad. Most just think of it as a fancy way to change the temperature in your home from your phone and think “ eh, I don’t need that”.  What many people don’t realize though, is that a smart thermostat does so much more than act as a cool gadget on your wall. A smart thermostat can actually save you money and make your home more comfortable.  You might be thinking, “ I already have a programmable thermostat. Do I really need to upgrade to a smart thermostat?”. We say YES. While a programmable thermostat is certainly heading in the right direction of energy saving techniques, it does nothing compared to the advanced technology of wi-fi thermostats. While there are several smart thermostats available on the market today, we are most impressed with the brand new Ecobee4. Whether you are a high tech gadget guru or an expert in being technologically challenged, here is a list of what the Ecobee4 can do for you and your home.


7 Reasons to buy the Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

Alexa Voice Services

The most notable and exciting feature of the Ecobee4 is its built-in Amazon Alexa voice service. We are not talking about an ability to connect to devices like Amazon Echo. It is already built right into the thermostat itself and contains all the “skills”  that Alexa is capable of. Voice commands like “ Alexa, set temperature to 72 degrees” or “ Alexa, play some jazz music” are readily available. It has built in speakers to allow the device to not only hear you, but also for you to hear it.


In Depth Analysis

One of our favorite features on the Ecobee4 is its easy to use app. The app gives you  “Home IQ” information. It pulls the raw data being transmitted from your system and will give you easy to read information on how much energy you have conserved. It will also alert you to any issues with the system and send out reminders for maintenance and tune-ups.


Smart Home/Away Technology

The Ecobee4 is equipped with wireless room sensors and its’ signature smart home/away technology. This basically means that you can place sensors in the rooms that matter most to you and will allow the Ecobee to know the average overall temperature of the house, rather than just the temperature surrounding the thermostat. Like standard programmable thermostats, the Ecobee4 allows you to program specific times you want to run your heater or air conditioner to ensure that you are only using your HVAC system when you are home, but with the smart home/away technology, it can sense when you are home and override your away settings to ensure maximum home comfort. It will also sense when you are away and will turn off the system.


Easy to Use App

With Ecobee4, you can control the comfort of your home from anywhere. With the user-friendly app, that anyone can navigate, you can adjust your settings and temperatures without having to move more than a finger!

Track Local Weather

Because the Ecobee4 is connected to your Wi-Fi, it can track your local weather and adjusts the settings on the system to reach your desired home temperature at minimal usage. This feature ensures your home is at your desired temperature and your desired time.


Humidity Control

The Ecobee4 has something called AC Overcool. This allows you to control the humidity of your home even if you do not have a dehumidifier. It does this by cooling your home beyond the pre-set temperature until the humidity is reduced to your desired amount. You also don’t have to worry about your home getting too cold because you can set a maximum overcool temperature.

Save Money on Utility Costs

This thermostat will save you money. Ecobee4 stands by its claims that using it can reduce your annual heating and cooling utility costs by 23%. Running your heater and air conditioner throughout the year can be costly, but with Ecobee4 you are equipped with the automated technology that allows you to minimize  energy usage without having to do a thing.

Still not convinced?

Until June 30, 2017, socalgas is offering a $50 rebate for purchasing an approved smart thermostat! I