an hvac inspection service can save you thousands in repair costs

One of the most common reasons that HVAC systems fail is lack of maintenance. It is for this reason that HomeTown Heat and Air provides a comprehensive HVAC inspection and maintenance service.

We can make sure that your A/C and Heating systems are running as efficiently as possible.  Our team of expert technicians are highly trained to quickly identify potential hazards as well as troubleshoot existing problems that can be easily remedied with a maintenance service.

Identifying problems before they exist can save you thousands in HVAC system repair and replacement costs as well as keep your system running at its optimal efficiency level. 


comprehensive hvac system inspection

HomeTown's comprehensive HVAC Inspection covers every component of your a/c and heating system including but not limited to: thermostats, grills, filters, ductwork, fittings, condenser, wiring, hoses, registers, furnace, fans and air flow.

HVAC systems can be extremely complex and that is why it is important that we leave no stone unturned during an inspection. 


scheduled preventative maintenance

When living in sunny San Diego, it is easy to neglect your furnace and air conditioner, but much like your car needing oil changes, preventive maintenance is crucial to the functionality of your HVAC system. Make sure your heating and cooling system is keeping you comfortable year round and schedule your annual tune-up today!


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Top 5 Reasons To Get an AC Tune-Up

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

Everyone seems to be talking about energy efficiency, but what does that mean for you as a homeowner? It means saving you money! Annual preventive maintenances make your heating unit run as efficiently as possible and results in reduced utility bills.

3. Protect Your Warranty

Most people do not realize that many manufacturers’ warranties require that the heating unit be consistently maintained by regular tune-ups. Prevent having your warranty voided should you ever need to use it.

2. Increased Equipment Longevity

Regular cleaning and maintenance ensures that your air conditioning unit is running not only efficiently, but also correctly. When your air conditioner is running properly, it will have a longer life.

4. Better Air Quality

When you regularly maintain your air conditioner, you ensure that all dust and pollutants are being removed from your home. Removing these pollutants from the air will help prevent allergies and sickness. AC tune-ups are the best way to maintain peak air quality in your home.


5. Fewer Repairs

While HVAC systems are designed to last, they inevitably encounter problems though. Having a professional examine your air conditioner on a regular basis ensures that any problems are caught while they are still small. This will result in fewer repairs and could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!


hvac inspection for real estate transactions

When you are buying or selling a home, you often times need an inspection to determine the health and status of the existing air conditioning unit. HomeTown Heat and Air offers detailed inspection reports that do just that. Our Inspections include a written report containing key details and measurements, as well as an estimate for any recommended repairs or replacements.